Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vegetables are in!

We have had such a fabulous spring here in Colorado which has made waiting to plant really hard! But, it was still getting down into the 30's at night so this paranoid gardener just couldn't chance it! After a cold stretch last weekend, the extended forecast called for highs in the 80's and lows in the 50's so I decided it was finally time!

This is my final plan for my 4 beds. It took many rough drafts to get it right, but I think I finally got it! I also wrote down the dates I planted to help me keep track. For the plants that I started from seed indoors, I marked an s (seed)  underneath with the date planted, and a t (transplant) with the date they were transplanted into the garden. On the back of this page I drew up a blank square foot diagram so that as I harvest and plant new things up until frost, I can have an ongoing record.

I soaked my bean, cucumber, zucchini, and nasturtium seeds to help facilitate germination. The beans, cukes and zucchini I only soaked for a couple hours but the nasturtium said to soak for 12-24. 

 This is my cool season bed planted 4/18.

Not even a month later! It is fun to see how much stuff grows. Pictures are a great way to document! Last year, our spring was so horrible that nothing grew at all in the first month!

This bed has cucumber seeds in the back, peppers in the second row, bush beans in the square with 9 white circles (I will plant 9 more in the square next to it in a few weeks) plus marigolds, dill, oregano and thyme, oh, and a pair of safety glasses in the top left hand square that I keep watering and nothing seems to happen??? :)

This bed has tomatoes in the back (I had to buy one big store bought one in hopes of getting some tomatoes a little earlier!) The next row contains a bunch of little lettuce seedlings, then I've got rosemary, basil, sage, parsley and nasturtiums.

This one will have pole beans growing up the back, carrots, beets and radishes growing along the left side, marigolds in the front, but most of the space will be taken up by zucchini. One little seed will grow into a ginormous plant that will produce more zucchini then you will know what to do with!!! Oh wait, yes I do...zucchini fritters, zucchini pancakes, zucchini soup, zucchini brownies, zucchini milk...ideas are endless. Don't worry, I will post all my favorite garden recipes when harvest time begins!

Happy Gardening!!!

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